[[fuzzy-match-query]] === Fuzzy match Query

The match query supports ((("typoes and misspellings", "fuzzy match query")))((("match query", "fuzzy matching")))((("fuzzy matching", "match query")))fuzzy matching out of the box:


GET /my_index/my_type/_search { "query": { "match": { "text": { "query": "SURPRIZE ME!", "fuzziness": "AUTO", "operator": "and" } } }


The query string is first analyzed, to produce the terms [surprize, me], and then each term is fuzzified using the specified fuzziness.

Similarly, the multi_match query also ((("multi_match queries", "fuzziness support")))supports fuzziness, but only when executing with type best_fields or most_fields:


GET /my_index/my_type/_search { "query": { "multi_match": { "fields": [ "text", "title" ], "query": "SURPRIZE ME!", "fuzziness": "AUTO" } }


Both the match and multi_match queries also support the prefix_length and max_expansions parameters.

TIP: Fuzziness works only with the basic match and multi_match queries. It doesn't work with phrase matching, common terms, or cross_fields matches.

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